Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Show me the Bon Bons!

It has recently been brought to my attention through my ex-husband that I am lazy, conceited and sit on my butt all day eating bon bons. As a stay at home mother (by-choice), I would love to explain to him what being a parent entails and give him a copy of my daily schedule. Yes, I know it is none of his business what I do all day(he is the ex and for a very good reason). I would love to eat bon bons daily(and probably look like it lately). I also have been called lots of things, but never conceited. I consider myself to be very friendly, outgoing and someone that anyone can approach.
I dont understand for the life of me why he has this idea that stay at home mothers sit down all day. I mean, who cleans? cooks? becomes chauffer? nurse? educator? counselor?
Im awake daily at 5:00 am to wake my husband and get him ready for the day. I iron his clothes EVERY morning, wake the children, feed them, make sure they are dressed, have sparkling teeth and smell good. I then drive them to school and return home to begin duties to maintain home. I dont know about other homes, but mine seems to always have something to clean, wash, mop, and organize daily. While Im cleaning, Im preparing dinner, folding and sorting laundry. I then retrieve my children from school, begin homework, feed them snack and later dinner, bath time, book time, devotions and then they are off to bed. I then clean kitchen, pack lunches for following day and pick out everyone's clothes for next day as well. I also assist my husband with Real Estate leads and run a direct sales business from my home. If one of the children become sick, its my place to take them to doctor or dentist. I am buying groceries weekly and yes I am using coupons(I forgot, I have to clip those too and its takes a while). I teach 4 year old Sunday School class, TNT leader and help in nursery at church as needed. It just makes me so mad for him to assume I do nothing. This wonderful personality of his is starting to rub off onto our oldest son. He is beginning to speak to me with no respect, calls me names and repeats things his father has said. I have tried my best to speak with each of them separate and together. I have been praying and will continue to pray for both of them. Is this the norm for teenagers today? I would have never spoke to my mother the way my older two children speak to me. I am their biggest cheerleader and fan and I thought I was doing a good job of parenting. I read all the books, I would seek advice if I didnt have the answer. I spoke with professionals in education and in the medicine fields. While It seems Im using my blog to vent about "life", I ask that you pray for our blended-family. We need guidance and wisdom during the upcoming years. I did work out of the home for years and I did complete the same things I do now as stay at home mom, so why judge me because I stay home? I want to be with my children before they begin school. I want to be the one who picks them up from school with snack ready. I dont want someone else doing what I want to be doing for them. If I were in a position that I had to work out of the home, I would do that. I would try my best to balance work and home like other working mothers do. Im hoping to be a good mother to my children in staying home. Im not asking to be their hero(however that would be nice). I want them to know while they are school, Im at home waiting. I want to be able to attend fieldtrips, volunteer in classes and help at preschool. I want to be the one they come to when the have a problem.

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  1. I agree! It is a hard job, but a good job. No one will raise your child or love on your child like you!