Monday, January 30, 2012

YES! I am a Jesus Freak too!

I have to admit, I have not been a very good blogger. I forget to take the time to complete updates. I will try to do better. I do try to think of really awesome topics to blog about, but cant seem to come up with anything where I wouldnt offend, be judgemental or hurt someone's feelings yet. I have to stick with my family and I know you LOVE hearing about them, I mean its not like you cant read my updates on Facebook, right?

So-I found a topic that I think alot of others deal with or face...
My oldest daughter came home from school Friday in tears. It seems that another student called her a Jesus Freak. She was saddened by the fact that he was yelling it in her classroom and that he thought it was a bad thing. I asked her how it made her feel and she said, "I dont know why he thinks it a bad thing to be a Jesus Freak". YES!! I was so happy to hear these words come out of her mouth. I explained to her that I too have been referred to as a Jesus Freak and I took it as a compliment. Yes, I have lost several friendships over this past year due to this very thing. I think back now and see they werent really friendships at all when you get right down to it. I should have tried better to witness to these friends, been less judging and prayed for them more than I have. This was my advice to her too. PRAY for this student and others like him that fall to name calling because they are confused, embarassed they dont understand or do not attend church or have never read the Bible. I also told her to be a light for Jesus and let these people see her and the way she acts and how happy she is and see the twinkle in her eye that I see. Im proud to say I love Jesus and that my 14 year old gets it as well.

Im praying for her and hope she will always be this strong throughout her life. I want her to know the truth and be able to back it up when she is faced with rejection, name calling and broken friendships.


  1. Good for her! Girl, you're doing something right when your kids are happy to be Jesus freaks!

  2. YAY! Let het know that all her friends are praying for her and love her! Brit goes thru the same things, but hey, it's a good thing! Boy, won't they be surprised when they get to Heaven, lol. Wait til they see all those Jesus Freaks in one place!

  3. This makes me smile and pulls at my heart strings too! Trust me when I say that God will bring you through anything and when you are faced with adversities like this one. Standing up for Him will make you stronger and without a doubt He will send a special blessing your way because of it! Been there, done that.