Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tis' the Season to become ORGANIZED!

Getting ORGANIZED in 2012!

I am following along with others this new year to become more organized. I actually started last year and maintained things pretty well. I started in my kitchen with the pantry. I hit Big Lots and bought cheap Rubbermaid containers, filled them with cereal, flour, sugar, wheat flour, brown sugar, and snacks. I used baskets for veggies, drink pouches and popcorn packets. I also purchased a label maker and got slap happy. I was beyond giddy when finished. The pantry has stayed neat, organized and functions well for the 6 of us.

I also cleaned out all the cabinets, organized each into categories IE: children's cabinet (includes cups, plates, bowls, utensils and candy), Cups (all, plastic, glass and measuring cups too), Plates, salad plates, bowls and serving pieces filled more space. I have cabinet for holiday items too, Easter baskets with grass, Valentine's Day cards I got on sale last year for .27 per box, Christmas goodies, Christmas Cards and Halloween buckets. I then cleaned all the drawers, including the several junk drawers. They are all still doing well, my favorite is a drawer I created just to pack lunched everyday. In this drawer, I have plastic spoons and forks, individual wet wipes, napkins, Ziploc bags in several sizes, brown paper bags(for field trip days), marker and lunch box notes. I love how easy everything is, and all in one place, makes packing lunches a snap.

I continued with this routine throughout our entire home. I organized all our clothes by color in our closets, arranged shoes for everyone on shelves, hung purses, I used shower curtain rings on one hanger to store scarves(stole this from Pinterest this year) and even organized our linen closet. I love the outcome and love the neatness. The children's closets were done too, all toys have a home or they got to go to a new one.

So this year, I want to tackle the garage. I have been dreading it for a long time and keep putting it off. So, starting Monday, I'm digging in. I want to purge Christmas items, label all containers. I also want to organize the sports equipment, bikes, riding toys, etc. I plan to gather ideas from Pinterest again and make my garage as neat as the inside of our home.

Following the garage, I want to start with the outside of our home. We have worked very hard to get the grass to grow within our lawn. Finally! We got grass this year. So now, I want to focus on landscaping the perimeter of our home, by adding flowers, mulch, lighting and laying pavers for firepit. Its going to be a long process and I look forward to the challenge and the outcome.
What types of things do you use in your garage to keep things organized?

I'll post pictures later. The ones of before and after are on disc I need to upload to computer. I will be sure to get the ones from the garage taken on Monday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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