Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Next 40 Years...

One year from tomorrow, I will turn 40! I have to admit that I am not looking forward to that day. I have 1 year to check the box on forms 40 and under or choose the category for mid-30's(yes, I still choose this one). Its my perrogative. I have been upset this entire week just thinking about it. I know there are several ways to deal with it, crawl in bed and hide(have to come out sometime, I like to eat too much and I have to pee alot now), Face it head on and throw a huge party to celebrate with my friends and family, or try to accomplish things I haven't thus far in my life. That is what I'm choosing to do(not that I'd turn down a party, hint hint honey). If you need ideas-think Tiffany's!
 I feel very blessed to have given birth to four beautiful, healthy children and am married to the man of my dreams, finally. I have several college degrees that allow initials to follow my name. I have been saved by the grace of God, Baptized and realize I'm in my temporary home, so while I wait for Jesus to come back and continue to grow older, I want to do things Ive never done. I made a list of 40 things I would like to do before I turn 40. Some of them are silly, some are adventurous and some are likely to kill me. They are in no certain order of importance.

1. Custom bra fitting-I figure after breastfeeding 4 babies, the girls need some loving and some L*I*F*T. Id really like augmentation, but cant get Mr.Frugal to agree. I need to venture to see Victoria, so she can help me with this

2.Sing karaoke! I so want to sing "I Will Survive",( chose this as my year anthem) karaoke-style. I could sing at home to my children, does that count?

3.Camping in the wild-No, not the Hyatt. I mean under the stars, moon and with public restrooms. Makes me giddy just thinking about it, not! I am so not camping material. I think I should try it once though-so I'm going to give it a try, maybe

4.Laser Hair Removal-There are too many places to count where I need/want this done. I want to make sure my children know too, so when they throw me in nursing home, someone needs to keep this up for mom!

5.Take a stand! I want to join a civic organization and fight for a cause

6.Run 5k-Ive been training and let me tell you, winter is bad time to start-its cold outside. I'm having to adjust with my nose running, having to pee from running and the wind-its tough stuff.

7.See a movie solo-Ive always wanted to go to the movies alone. I figure my hubby will benefit from this the most, as he hates chick flicks. Id like to enjoy the entire movie without hearing him sigh or roll his eyes while I chomp on my popcorn and slurp my cola.

8.Ride/drive a Harley-shouldn't be too hard, my stepfather owns 1. Id like to drive it myself if possible. I would also like to go ahead and say- I will be fully dressed-I'm not riding Myrtle Beach style.

9.Visit New York-Id love to see the Statue of Liberty and go to top of Empire State building to see the city. Id also like to visit Tiffany's and Bloomingdale's while there-I'm not stupid!

10.Grown my own veggies! I want to grow a garden. I would even settle for container garden, as long as they grow. I think it would be fun to see the kids gather veggies and clean and eat them-so Proverbs mom, dont you think?

11.Botox! Oh yes I do need this. My girls aren't the only things sagging, my skin has lost all elasticity. sad!

12.See Broadway play!

13.Read a classic novel IE:War and Peace

14.Take a carriage ride with blanket, hot cocoa and my man!

15.Eat a tomato and mayo sandwich-I have never done this, ever. I have never eaten a tomato. Its something about the texture. I figure being reared in south, I need to try it once. One bite should do me.

16.Paint something and display it in our home.

17.Take dance lessons-couples only!

18.Take Disney cruise. M*I*C*K*E*Y M*O*U*S*E! Why?? Because, I may be turning 40 in 1 year but I'm still a kid at heart.

19.Go skiing. Ive never been to the slopes. Need to try it once.

20.See Grandfather Mountain-never been there either. I'm feeling sheltered. Need to call my mom and ask some questions. I also need to check our life insurance policy b/c I will be walking the bridge. You cant go there and not walk across, right?

21.See hot air balloon event in Troutman -fall

22.Day at the spa with mom- full treatment, mani, pedi, facial, massage and of course, lunch

23.Meet Nicolas Sparks- I love him and would love to meet him and have him sign a book from my personal collection.

24.Meet my hubby at work trench coat-style. :) picnic optional

25.Complete Project Life-include my 40 things with pictures and journaling

26.Read Bible through and journal thoughts on each book

27.Attend Woman to Woman conference and Women of Faith! Bought my ticket to see Lisa Whelchel at W2W for Feb. Can not wait to stalk meet her!! I loved watching her on Facts of Life, have read all her books and follow her blog. I'm a bit giddy about getting to meet her and yes I will beg for a photo op or I will photoshop she and I together!!

28.Visit the White House-I'm praying daily for a new president!

29.Visit Smithsonian while in DC.

30.Attend my oldest sons graduation from Army basic training in August-Fort Sill, Oklahoma here we come!

31.Celebrate 10 year wedding anniversary with my hubby! I'm thinking Jamaica

32.Learn how to knit-Id love to make some cute hats and scarves

33.Dance lessons -ballroom style only, no line dancing for this chick

34.Master latest version of Photoshop and Lightroom

35.Hire Professional Photographer to do family photo shoot- Monica Reid is my dream photographer to do this!!

36.Watch every episode of Friends in order while sporting my jammies- may have to take a very long weekend to accomplish this. Will have to send the kids away to nana's as well.

37.Host a huge 40th birthday party for hubby. His birthday is in May and I'm in planning process now. (gathering ideas, that counts).

38.Lasik eye surgery-I'm going blind. I have worn corrective lenses for years, now ready to take care of this once and for all. Will be calling Dr. Oursler Monday morning to schedule exam.

39.I would like to test drive a 50k vehicle- just to see what it would be like. I know its superficial and silly, but I would do it. Maybe I will sign up for the Susan G. Komen benefit Mercedes Drive, so its for a good cause.

40.Host a Murder Mystery Party at our home.

Hopefully my year will be filled with new things for myself and my family. I hope to be able to complete many of the above items. I know 40 is suppose to be the new 30, so I'm going to life it to the fullest!

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